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not germination, the complicated way

I've been on-and-off messing with weird plants and seed germination since the previous post. The results are mostly disappointing. My prized Yareta seeds never did anything; no combination of cold stratification and gibberellic acid made it work. I kinda think the seeds were poor quality to start with. A moderate percentage of my jars did grow mold, but exclusively from not cleaning the seeds enough, so my agar protocol worked out pretty well. I've also experimented with a variety of other plants, as well. I'm a little too salty about this whole series of experiments to be formal about my results. Maybe someday I'll get some Yareta seeds again, in which case... I'll plant them in some dirt.


ways to kill seeds and small plants

Specific cases:



You would think that sealed containers would minimize complications, but it's actually not a good way to grow most plants! For basically any type of plant other than Tillandsia, go with the easy and well-documented "baggy method". This entails:

Very popular with cactus enthusiasts. Not difficult. No tricky tools or techniques.